July 22, 2019
Check out our new West Coast facility video! Also, don't forget to check out our new product videos on Big Worm and Earth Worm, Roots Organics Rain, Micro Greens, Terp Tea, and CalMag, Procision Classic and our Pro Grow Bags!

Sap Off Soap
April 2, 2019
A lot of people don't realize that the best soap in our industry is brought to you by Aurora Innovations. This stuff should be next to every grower's sink! Years ago, we discovered that this proprietary blend of mineral oil, citrus extracts and grit was exactly what was needed to get tough sticky resins and oil based compounds off of skin without the use of harsh astringent chemicals. Just remember to always use Sap Off Soap BEFORE you use any water. Sap Off Soap goes on first, and once rubbed in, it will break down whatever sticky stuff you need to remove. Then simply wash it away with water and voila! Clean AND soft, nice smelling hands! Try Aurora Innovations Sap Off Soap for yourself! Your local grow store or garden center probably already carries Sap Off Soap, and if they don't, we encourage you to tell them that they should! This is the 21st century! Try Sap Off Soap for yourself, and leave sticky and dried out hands in the past where
they belong!

Sould LBS
March 13, 2019
Aurora Innovations is very proud to introduce Soul LBS.! Soul LBS. was designed to push yields to their absolute maximum, while still increasing quality and flavors. Soul LBS. accomplishes this by having the ideal balance of macro and micronutrients to support all the key metabolic functions of a plant.

When it comes to demanding the most out of a mineral bloom boost in terms of increasing both yield and quality, it's not enough to simply provide nutrition. The key to maximizing yield, is scientifically balanced levels of the various macro and micro nutrients in order to maximize plant uptake and usability.

Aurora Innovations has spent the time and money to build one of the most advanced tissue and soil analysis labs on the West Coast. We have spent years in this lab finding the ideal ratios of nutrition, and that work has yielded LBS.!

All Our Roots Liquids are CDFA approved
February 12, 2019
Aurora Innovations is proud to announce our full line of Roots Organics liquid nutrients are registered as Organic Input Materials by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for use in USDA/NOP certified organic crop production!

We at Aurora Innovations believe "Organic" is more than just a catchphrase. It's a way of life, and it comes with a serious commitment to sustainability, and responsibility for ourselves, our gardens, and our planet.

If you use liquid fertilizers, we hope you will choose Roots Organics, and join us in that commitment.

Roots Organics CalMag
February 5, 2019
Due to the overwhelming popularity of our dry calcium-magnesium supplement Elemental, Aurora Innovations is proud to launch a powerful new 100% organic liquid calcium-magnesium supplement - Roots Organics CALMAG.

Our diligent research and development lab at Aurora has developed a top-tier formulation of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur without any added nitrogen, phosphates, or potassium. This unique recipe provides growers unequaled control over their primary fertility input ratios and increases cost efficiency with each application. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies should be managed proactively using Roots Organics CALMAG, applying once per week during vegetative cycle and twice a week in bloom cycles. When making a nutrient solution that will include Roots Organics CALMAG, always add CALMAG first, before any other nutrients.

Roots Organics CALMAG is registered as an organic crop input by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and pairs excellently with any base nutrients. Why use a chemical based cal-mag supplement when you can get twice the calcium and magnesium with a 100% organic product proudly manufactured in the USA? Cultivators that use coco fiber based growing media know how important a good calcium magnesium supplement is to maximizing yield and quality. Roots Organics CALMAG provides all the calcium and magnesium plants need to thrive, without the often undesired nitrogen.

We at Aurora Innovations strive to bring you the best organic plant cultivation products possible and we will not stop on our mission to innovate exciting and productive advancements in the world of plant nutrition.

Roots Organics Roots Rain
January 30, 2019





Roots Organics Rain is now CDFA OIM Registered!

Accelerate the effectiveness of foliar-applied agents with the peace of mind of select natural bio surfactants.
By harnessing the power of Yucca and Quillaja, Roots Organics Rain is the perfect storm for foliar feeding and liquid feeding in organic crop production.

Roots Organics Rain promotes water penetration and aids in the dispersion of foliar applications. A combination of the natural wetting agents yucca and quillaja, this product reduces water surface tension and enhances the movement of solutions and soluble nutrients throughout the rhizosphere. By reducing surface tension and increasing the leaf surface contact with fertilizer application, Roots Organics Rain enhances the effectiveness of foliar-applied agents.

Use this product to assist water infiltration, increase volumetric moisture content of media, reduce evaporative water
loss, improve irrigation efficiency, and equalize the osmotic differential in soil and soilless media by mediating more uniform moisture distribution. A powerful gardening tool, Roots Organics Rain is designed for both foliar and root
zone application.

2 and 3 Pro Grow Bag available in Roots Original, Roots 707, Roots Green Fields, Roots Green Lite, Roots B2, and Soul Soilless.
March 6, 2017
Due to the popularity of our 5-20 gallon grow bags, we’re now offering customized 2 and 3 gallon bags. Just request the Roots Organics product of your choice, and we’ll fill a handy 2 or 3 gallon grow bag. Grow bags are available in: Roots Original, Roots 707, Roots Green Fields, Roots Green Lite, Roots B2, and Soul Soilless.

Feeding Schedules
Dec 19, 2017
We've recently updated our feeding schedules. Select our newest additions, DRY NUTRIENTS and COMMERCIAL DRY from our dropdown and see veg time, bloom time, and containser size variables. Enjoy!

Check out our feeding schdules here.

Fish Protein Dry Nutrient - New Product
Nov 28, 2017
One of the fun things about working at Aurora is the opportunity to learn from our bosses, who are veritable fonts of information about the best practices for growing killer plants. We thought it would be fun to share some of this info with interested gardeners. Here we are picking Bowe’s brain on Fish Protein.

What is Fish Protein?
This product is a fish protein hydrolysate derived from ocean-harvested pelagic species that are caught on trollers. Boats are floating factories these days. Fish sticks come out one end and fish bone meal comes out the other end. The protein-rich material that doesn’t end up in your fish fillet gets stripped off using enzymes, then hydrolyzed and spray dried on site. We don’t fish for this product— we prevent waste from fish that would be caught for other purposes anyway.

Fish protein happens to be remarkable, and, in this particular case, hydrolysis gives the fish protein a very uniform consistency and makes it super soluble, very suspendable, and easy to deliver in any gardening application. (It’s super stanky so you know it works.)

How does it work?
Fish protein provides L-type amino acid content that is immediately available to the plant. In the event that the plant doesn’t uptake everything, the fish protein will then feed a biological population that happens to be part of the greater rhizosphere of organisms that add protein degraders, some of which have also focused as chiton degraders. So, a little bit of fish protein catalyzes a set of biological processes that release a lot more nitrogen for a plant to use. In other words, this product offers a great way to kick off nitrogen or help squeeze nitrogen out of a soil system.

For more information on Fish Protein click here.

Nov 20, 2017
Why use coco coir, you ask? Here’s the low-down from one of the guys who introduced coco coir systems to the grow world.

What is coco coir
Made from the fiber of coconut husks, coir is a grow media that provides the ideal air-to-water ratio to support lush root growth. It can be used as a bulk media ingredient or in hydroponic and soilless applications.

What is the coco coir advantage
In coco coir systems, you get significant enhanced fine root hair development and/or significantly enhanced biology that you won’t find in other inert systems. With that comes not only enhanced root zone production, but enhanced microflora for improved nutrient and water uptake and to protect your plants against stress. So you get safer, happier, fatter roots that then make much happier plants.

What is Soul Coco
Soul Coco is a mineral water buffered premium coconut coir media product we exclusively import from southern India. True buffering is the chemical process of removing the residual sodium and potassium by washing away all the excess residues with a higher pH solution, leaving you with buffered coco coir.

What makes Soul Coco different from other coco coir products?
Soul Coco is washed with a mineral solution that accelerates the removal of some of the potassium and chloride salt that naturally build up in coco. By using an effective and powerful mineral water to help displace that salt, we get an incredibly constant pH adjusted plant media. The mineral buffering helps balance the organic matter and mineral ratios, making the media more stable for increased rate of plant take-off, as well reducing the EC (electrical conductivity) of the material by displacing potentially harmful potassium and sodium salts.

In simplified terms: We’re removing the sodium, which is bad for plants, and replacing it with a consistently buffered coir, which is good for plants.

For more information on Soul Coco click here.

Soul Soilless new product
Nov 14, 2017
Here at Aurora, we’re lucky to work for people who are passionate about the products we’re creating. Seldom will you meet top level management that take such a hands-on approach to the products and can spout soil science with the best of our biologists and chemists. I’ve learned a lot about soil science from my talks with Bowe and Austin, and we thought it would be fun to share some of that info with our loyal customers. Here’s Bowe and Austin talking best practices for using Soul Soilless.

What is Soul Soilless?
Bowe: Designed by the scientists at Aurora Innovations, Soul Soilless is a growing medium made from premium coco coir and perlite. We take our premium mineral-buffered coir and combine it with our in-house perlite to create a ready-to-use material for hydro and larger container "coco soilless" applications.

How does it work?
Austin: Coco has the highest cation exchange rate of any media on the market. Soul Soilless is charged with beneficial bacteria, humalite Leonardite and yucca, and then mixed with 20% perlite, which provides ideal drainage for rapid growth and high-yielding plants.

What product is most like it and why is Soul Soilless better than our competitors?
Austin: This Soul product beats our competition because we lead the pack in coco and perlite technology. Our coco coir is washed for 24 months for super low EC levels. And we pay the same attention to detail with our in-house perlite.
Bowe: Essentially, we take natural volcanic ore and heat it in our 1600-degree vertical airlift-driven furnace. Our high-velocity and low-frequency filtration system allows us to control product grades. Unlike most of our competitors, we have range and precision.
Austin: Creating our own perlite is part of our general philosophy of vertical integration—it allows us to provide more local jobs here in Oregon while simultaneously having complete quality control over the product.

What’s the best way to use Soul Soilless?
Soul Soilless is intended for run-to-waste or hydroponic growing. It should be fertilized most feedings. The product is designed to be used with Soul nutrients, but will work with any hydroponic formula.

For more information on Soul Soilless click here.

Introducting Terp Tea
Introducing Terp Tea
Oct 30, 2017
Aurora Innovations was founded by organic gardeners, and we’re happy to report that our founders still geek out on best gardening practices and soil science. Right now we’re all excited about the roll-out of two new products, Roots Organics Terp Tea Grow and Terp Tea Bloom. Here’s Bowe and Austin explaining how to improve your plant’s terpene production.

What is Terp Tea?
Bowe: We apply a revolutionary micronizing approach to the highest quality organic blended fertilizer to create Terp Tea Grow and Terp Tea Bloom. Austin: Our terp tea is packed with the latest beneficial bacteria and mycorrhiza, as well as bat guano, fishbone meal, soybean meal, kelp and other organic non-GMO ingredients that will encourage the highest possible levels of terpenes in your plants.

How does Roots Organics Terp Tea work?
Bowe: In organic gardening, particle size matters tremendously to release rate. Reducing particle size increases rate of biological exposure to quality materials, and therefore increases control and/or plant benefit from those materials. Less is wasted and the grower can deploy nutrients with precision. Micronizing making the materials available faster, and it also makes it more likely that the plant’s roots will come into contact with secondary cofactors that are a result of the breakdown of these materials. So, you get the exudate, or the byproduct, of the breakdown of, say, a nice piece of decomposed bat guano. By using a micronized product you’re ensuring that your plant’s root system gets a lot more biological exposure.

What is the Roots Organics Terp Tea advantage?
Bowe: You can’t get higher quality terp tea. Our terp tea is designed so the plant benefits from multiple materials simultaneously. All in a micronized 100% organic material.

Our style of micronizing leads to much greater uptake, and more diversity of compounds delivered to a plant’s roots system—enhancing its natural systems and really enhancing terpene production. (In my opinion, that has much to do with the biological exposure.)

Austin: You’ll end up with plants with unparalleled flavors and smells.

How do I use terp tea?
Bowe: Roots Organic Terp Tea can be used as a top dress, can be used as a liquid standalone, and can be used as a supplement to any gardening program. Not for foliar, but for any applied root zone style of agriculture or horticulture.

For more information on our Terp Teas click here.

We can proudly say that all of our Roots Organics products are CDFA OIM Certified. OMRI LISTED
July 26, 2017
We can proudly say that all of our Roots Organics products are CDFA OIM Registered and we'd like you to know that we are on our way to making all our products OMRI Listed as well. Big Worm is our first! Watch for more.

July 11, 2017
Here at Aurora, we’re excited about our expanding in-house perlite operation. At first glance, your bag of perlite might not seem like one of the more exciting tools in your arsenal. We beg to differ. Not only does quality perlite improve drainage and ensure that your soil contains adequate oxygen, but the process of mining and making perlite is actually pretty fascinating (at least to garden nerds like us).

Perlite is not a brand name but rather the name of the ore that’s used to create the agricultural product we recognize as perlite. Perlite ore is found in volcanic regions, and is essentially an amorphous volcanic glass with a relatively high water content. It expands when exposed to super high temperatures, creating light-weight, brilliant white pellets. In addition to agricultural perlite, the ore is used to produce other products, such as fire-resistant ceiling tile, kitty litter, and filtration aides for making wine and beer.

Think of it as making glass popcorn at 1600 degrees. You’re taking a natural material that has been molecularly infused with water and throwing it into a 1600-degree vertical airlift-driven furnace. As the water in the ore expands, the glass liquefies and it puffs. As the perlite puffs, the air in the furnace lifts the particles through dust handling and screening systems.

The more you handle perlite ore, the more it breaks down. Many east coast companies utilize Greek ore, which is of questionable quality because the ore is shipped on a barge from Europe, and then dumped onto a rail cart. The product disintegrates in transit, making it difficult for these manufacturers to create quality larger-gauge material.

Essentially, good ore makes good perlite. Here at Aurora, we’re proud to use local ore from Southern Oregon. Not only do we get a better quality product, but our shipping is minimal and thus our environmental impact is much lower.

We originally got into manufacturing perlite because our perlite suppliers weren’t able to keep up with our volume, and we weren’t always pleased with the quality. Many manufacturers focus on integrating their dust stream so they don’t have to pay to get rid of waste. This means using water to stick dust back onto the product. Furthermore, most manufacturers don’t specialize in agricultural perlite. They try to sell these dust fractions or create a product that works for both ceiling tile companies and potting soil. Essentially, they’re offering a multi-use product that’s not specifically designed for agriculture, and is thus not ideal.

At Aurora, we’re proud to be an agricultural company, and all our products are designed with you—the gardener—in mind. Because we’re vertically integrated and extremely specific in our intent, we saw a great opportunity to bring the latest technology to a field. We now have two massive state-of-the-art perlite furnaces, with a third on its way. Our in-house facility puts us in a unique position to minimize waste, while manufacturing the highest-quality constituent perlite on the market. Our high-velocity, low-frequency filtration system allows us to control product grades. Unlike most of our competitors, we have range and precision. We can generate very large expanded material or very consistent dust-free horticultural material.

When you buy growing media from Aurora Innovations, you’re buying a natural product that was made with perlite sourced and manufactured in the USA. You’re also supporting a family-owned business and getting a super consistent perlite material that will increase the water and air-holding capacity that’s essential for happy roots. Happy gardening!

where to buy


click here

Aurora Innovations Worm Casting Facility OUR WORM CASTINGS check out more pics here
June 12, 2017
At Aurora long ago, the quest for the best possible finished product led us to seek out the best input materials. Early on, we recognized high-quality worm castings as an outstanding component. With our usual diligence, we invested time in finding the best source: We piloted our own worm production, shopped on the open market, and partnered with key suppliers. Five years ago, we found the perfect solution. We were lucky enough to acquire the world’s premier worm castings manufacturer. Nurturing Nature Organics was a family-run business and the owners were looking to retire. By integrating their production system into our own, we’ve been able to give their business new legs while exponentially expanding our production of worm castings.
Our production staff and research and development scientists have identified the ideal output for your plants. With our three facilities (with a fourth on its way) we use contained, controlled vessel production systems to produce consistently high-quality worm castings. From DNA analysis of systems culture to scavenging the globe for the best input materials for this unique livestock, Aurora Innovations goes the extra mile to bring you a superior product, providing a combination of gentle nutrition and powerful biological stimulation.

15 gallon barrels of Roots and Soul liquid nutrients.
June 5, 2017
Commercial farmers seeking the best quality results with bountiful yields can always rely on Aurora Innovations to deliver the most consistent products for your garden no matter how big or small. We offer fifteen gallon barrels of all our Roots Organics and Soul liquid nutrients.

Grow trees in our 3 cubic feet grow bags!
May 31, 2017
Growing trees?! We now offer three of our premium CDFA OIM Registered soils in 3 cubic feet grow bags! That's 20 gallons of soil in a 30 gallon grow bag. Just pop some extra drainage holes in the bottom of the bag, tear the top of the bag off just below the seam, roll the sides, and plant! Super efficient and simple.

The Laurel Valley Educational Farm, Dan, Garden Coordinator
SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITYcheck out more pics here
May 22, 2017
At Aurora Innovations we appreciate that we’re part of a larger community and we enjoy the opportunity to participate as responsible corporate citizens. We do this by donating our soil to schools, nonprofits, and local farms. We recently had the opportunity to check up on two of these farms: The Laurel Valley Educational Farm (LVEF), a 2-acre organic farm located on the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) campus, and Bethel Farm, a 3.5-acre farm located between Kalapuya High School and Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, OR. We are proud to announce Bethel Farm uses 100% Aurora Innovations products in their greenhouse.

FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm's Summer Plant Sale
May 9, 2017
Every spring we donate our soil and amendments to FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm's Summer Plant Sale. The plant sale hosts their largest selection of organically grown, vibrant vegetable, flower and herb starts. Everything you need for a summer garden, including 65 varieties of tomatoes, 54 varieties of peppers, and many varieties of sunflowers, cucumbers, sweet corn, basil, and so much more! "FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm's Summer Plant Sale typically draws over 1000 customers and and we couldn't do it without Aurora Innovations! Your potting soil and amendments are a major component of what makes this event so successful." – Ted Purdy, Youth Farm Coordinator

FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm's Summer Plant Sale
Saturday, May 13 (10 - 5pm)
Food For Lane County Youth Farm
705 Flamingo Avenue, Springfield, Oregon 97477
Check out the their Facebook event.

AURORA PLANT EMPLOYEE GIVEAWAY check out more pics here
May 8, 2017
Every Spring at Aurora Innovations we supply our employees with starts from our greenhouse for their gardens. Here at Aurora Innovations we are committed and passionate about providing tools for our employees that help them better understand the importance of food stability and self-sufficiency. It’s very important that the men and women who help make us who we are and in turn change the world around us have a strong connection with the products they help manufacture. When you have a connection with the product you produce, your passionate about it, you want it to be the best it can possibly be. By providing a connection between our staff and our soil products we believe it pushes us to continuously strive for perfection. This perfection simple gets past onto you, our loyal customers.

Our products in a variety of custom bulk sizes.
May 2, 2017
We have expanded our manufacturing to include in-house production of perlite, peat moss and worm castings. We are also one of North America’s largest importers of coco fiber and bat guano. With these capabilities we take pride in being able to fill any size order. We offer all of our products in a variety of custom bulk sizes to suit any size of garden or commercial need.

Our medias, nutrients, and amendments are appproved by CDFA.
April 24, 2017
At Aurora we have carefully formulated our Roots Organics medias, nutrients, and amendments to be compliant for use in certified organic crop production and they are now approved by The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)! The CDFA reviews organic crop inputs for certified organic crop production and upholds one of the world’s highest standards known as the USDA NOP Rule.

Look for the CDFA OIM Seal of approval on Roots Organics medias, nutrients, and amendments!

new gear for sale
April 17, 2017
After many requests our apparel is finally back on our website! Check it out here!

April 13, 2017
Whether you grow 4 tomatoes or 6 tomatoes, growing has never been easier then with Roots Organics... Just cut the top off and plant!! Watch the miraculous growth that Roots Organics provides. Yield, flavor, and quality is Aurora Innovation!

April 3, 2017
BULK SOIL! We're doing bulk loaded trucks! 60 yds and up. This is premium bagged style soil available in bulk, not some "tractor and slab" bulk media.

We can make bulk 60-70 yard deliveries.
March 20, 2017
We believe in keeping it cutting edge. After our latest upgrade, we’re excited to report that our automated mix technology is bigger and better than ever. Using computer technology, we deliver the most consistent and dynamic soil on the market—and now you can buy it in bulk without leaving home. We’re happy to announce that our plant in Eugene can make bulk 60-70 yard deliveries to your farm or greenhouse. Our bulk soils are the same high-quality mixes you’ve come to expect from Roots Organics. Unlike other bulk soil suppliers, we’ll never employ the “tractor and slab” method—At Aurora, we believe in consistent results.

Green Fields, 707, and our Roots Original soil available in 3-cubic foot bags
March 13, 2017
Aurora Innovations has always been dedicated to sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint. So we’re happy to announce that, like Green Fields and 707, our Roots Original soil will now be available in a bigger size: 3-cubic foot, ROD3. Aurora is constantly working to give growers new and better options. We hope that the larger size will make it easier for growers to plant directly in soil bags, and thus reduce container usage. By planting directly in Aurora bags, the customer saves money while reducing waste. Happy Planting!

Aurora Innovation's new bag count
March 6, 2017
RODMB 100 140
ROD 60 70
RO7071.5 60 70
ROGF 60 70
ROGL 60 70
ROEM 60 70
ROS 60 75
ROMG 72 75
ROCP 72 75
ROB2 72 75
RO707 36 36
ROGF3 36 36
ROD3 36 36
At Aurora, we’re constantly improving our manufacturing and distribution activities. Our goal is to consistently and economically supply the world’s best potting soil and fertilizers, while minimizing our carbon footprint. To that end, we’ve adjusted the quantity of bags for most of our media products. This will allow us to reduce packing and make sure we’re using freight systems efficiently. Every minor change makes a difference to our environment. We’re proud to strive for sustainability by reducing our impact on the planet. By participating in this conversion you’re helping too—we’re grateful for your involvement as we work toward a greener future. Thanks for adjusting with us.

Aurora Innovation's Dry Nutrients Player Pack
February 29, 2016
The Roots Organics Dry Player Pack is the perfect assortment of products for anyone interested in using dry organic plant nutrients in their garden. From the beginner to the master gardener, the Dry Player Pack provides everything needed for a comprehensive dry organic nutrient regiment, in one simple and affordable package. For the individual that wants a fully organic, heavy yielding garden, the Roots Organics Dry Player pack has everything necessary except the soil. The Dry Player Pack is designed for use in Organic Soil. Any Roots Organics Potting Soil is ideal.

Aurora Gives to Community Gardens
October 29, 2015
Every summer Aurora donates soil and nutrients to local schools and gardens such as Churchill Community Garden, Food for Lane County's Youth Farm, Food for Lane County's Grassroots Garden, and Lowel School District Gardens.

Kalapuya High School sent us a letter to thank us:
"Dear Aurora Innovations, Thank you very much for the donation you made to our program of Roots Organic Potting Mix and Liquid nutrients. Our students used these products to propagate hundreds of organic vegetable starts in our greenhouse. Many of the starts were sold at our annual plant sale fundraiser and money raised will go to sustaining our school garden and greenhouse program. We used the potting mix to also raise plants for our spring and summer garden which is currently in production at our school. Food from this garden has been processed for our school lunch program and cooking classes with leftover produce donated to the Bethel Free Farmer's Market. Finally, due in part to this support, many of our students were inspired to grow their own gardens this summer and ended up taking home extra vegetable starts for their own use." --Rich Dambrov, Teacher at Kalapuya High School.
See more pics from our Community Support Project.

Aurora Innovations White Root Pot
May 11, 2015
Our root pots with handles are now white root pots with handles! White reflects more heat and therefore will keep your root zone cooler. A cooler root zone, is a happier root zone, and a happier root zone means a bigger, happier plant. They are still made of 100% recycled materials, and have all the same properties of the regular root pots you know and love. Pamper your root zone with these newly available white containers!

Aurora Innovation's Greenhouse
April 30, 2015
This may seem crazy to say on a blog… but talk is cheap! At Aurora Innovations, it’s all about doing! When it comes to product trials, the only way to know for sure is to use it, and that’s exactly what we do. We’re quite fortunate that putting our products to the test means growing the finest organic veggies and greens under the sun (or hps lighting for that matter)! Trials go on year round at Aurora Innovation’s headquarters, but spring and summer are especially fun because of all the outdoor potential. Keep up with our blog and our Facebook and Instagram for updates on our gardens throughout this season, and some occasional tips to help you have the best produce on the block! In the meantime, here are some pictures of Aurora Innovations continuing to put in the work, to bring you the finest organic growing media and fertilizer on the planet! more here.

Collecting bat guano in Nicaragua
April 6, 2015
One of the ways Aurora Innovations remains a provider of the best organics available is by traveling the world in search of the highest quality inputs. After we received a tip about a rich, untapped guano source deep in the jungles of Nicaragua, we weren’t going to just sit back in Eugene, OR (lovely as it might be) and twiddle our thumbs! We went out and got it! Here are some pictures of a successful bat guano hunting mission. There are plenty of companies that can provide you with guano, but how many can show you that they’re willing to go out and get it themselves?...see more pics.

letter from reader, passionflower
March 23, 2015
Everybody likes to see the fruits of their labor, and that includes us at Aurora Innovations. Gardeners from all over the world send us feedback and testimonials and we love that. Every so often, some customer feedback will brighten up our day so much that we feel compelled to share! Letters from Gardeners will exclusively feature real unsolicited customer feedback. more.

picture of bat
March 3, 2015
Aurora Innovations has insisted on attaining guano only via bat friendly harvest methods for years. In addition to this personal commitment, we are also a supporting member of Bat Conservation International. We aren’t just in this to profit from poop, it’s about making the world a better place; and it’s only fair we give some special attention to the millions of fine furry flying fellows (and lady bats) that help us do it! Bat Conservation International works tirelessly to make the world a more bat friendly place by providing grants and scholarships to studies focused on the conservation of threatened bat species and compiling international research on bat conservation, populations, and a number of other bat-centric subjects. With how much great plant food bats provide us (and of course all the other wonderful things they do like insect population control, and plant pollination) we are happy to support that mission!

Aurora Innovations Earth Worm
February 25, 2015
Roots Organics Earth Worm is vermicompost which contains humus that assists in soil aggregation and in making nutrients more available for plant uptake. Vermicompost also improves the cation exchange capacity of soils. Our worms are carefully tended and fed an unparalleled blend of natural and organic bedding and feedstocks for exceptional quality vermicompost.

February 18, 2015
This new blog will feature lots of fascinating Aurora Innovations information. You’ll find out about our community support projects, featured retailers, new products, and so much more. This blog will give you a comprehensive idea of exactly who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We hope you already know some of those things, but if not, we look forward to making you part of our extended family. Much like earth’s natural ecosystem that we strive to sustain, the manufacturing and distribution of high quality, organic potting soils and fertilizers, creates a vast web of interconnected people and communities. We place immense value in those people and communities. We consider it our own ecosystem to be sustained. We have created this blog as a window into our ecosystem, with hopes that it helps you become a growing part of it. Happy Gardening!